We’re admittedly kind of out of the box.


We’re the kind of folks that teach our kids to eat spinach by the handful, drink home-brewed kombucha, and compost our kitchen scraps. We hate to waste food and we know tossed plastic is an environmental disaster. Ultimately we see that the small choices we make each day have a big impact.

That’s why we invented the Vejibag. It keeps all kinds of humidity-loving perishables fresh, crisp, and tasty for a week or more. This means crunchy carrots for the toddler and crisp kale for mom. Stored in plastic, those same vegetables often end up as limp or slimy waste that gets thrown away.

In fact, almost 25% of fresh produce gets thrown out. What’s up with that!?

Vejibag. We want to add to what’s good in the world. One fresh vegetable at a time.