Tons of Americans want to eat
healthy and to do their part to
keep the planet from exploding.


Here at Vejibag we commit to do our part.

Look at a Vejibag with your X-ray vision. You’ll find…

  • Products and processes free from toxic substances.
  • Organic cotton fabric sourced only in the United States.
  • Compensation practices for our people that support a whole, balanced life.
  • No imports, period. We don’t ship work overseas or buy materials across oceans.
  • Products that can be reused or composted back to the soil without harm to the ecosystem.
  • We support the physical, mental, spiritual and economic health of all stakeholders.
  • A product that harms no one throughout its life cycle.

We strive to be “as green as it gets.” But what does “green” really mean? We’ve adopted a turbocharged standard for the term. If you hear of something greener, we’d love to hear about it.

Why we buy US goods:

Our “No Imports” policy allows us to say “bye-bye” to the higher carbon footprint that comes from transporting imported materials. It supports organic farmers, soil improvement and biodiversity here in the U.S. We are committed to enriching the local economies of our suppliers, many of whom struggle to stay in business competing with the cheap labor prices abroad.


Vejibag. We want to add to what’s good in the world. One fresh vegetable at a time.