“Here is something awesome! I bought these greens *reduced* on May 12, which means the store thought they were ready to go slimy. I put them in my Vejibag. TWO WEEKS LATER-still fresh and crisp! Vejibags work!!!!”

-Dana Reitman


“I have been using the Vejibag and I think it’s great! I especially like to use it with herbs, which wilt so quickly before I can think of how to use up the whole bunch. The vejibag is also great with greens you simply forget about, or even farmer’s market produce that always looks so enticing that you buy too much of (guilty as charged.)

I feel like I put a less than fresh head of lettuce in the bag and it came out looking even better than when I bought it. It seems like the bag keeps vegetables fresh for up to a week. It might be more, but I usually use the produce before then. The bag definitely helps cut back on wasted food that’s gone bad.

It’s also nice that it’s cotton and so easy to wash and I appreciate that it’s made by a small company.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to try the bag out. I would definitely recommend it to people who don’t always have a chance to use up their vegetables in a timely fashion.”


“Great product that keeps the salad greens really fresh all week, we love it!”

-David Salmon, Larchmont, NY

“Great idea. The Vejibag is easy to use and effective. I could see a noticeable difference in how long my lettuce stayed crunchy- and avoided slime.That is a big plus for a person living alone who usually has things go bad before finishing them!”

-Elaine Peresluha

“I love the product and how much life it adds to my produce drawer (I got 8 days without wilt from a bunch of Kale!) I wish they came in a larger size. The current size is perfect for herbs, carrots, asparagus, etc. But I have a hard time fitting a chunky head of Kale or Collards in there without doing some bending and folding.”

-Abbie Goetting, Norwalk, CT

Hang on Abbie! We’re about to launch the VejiBIG!

“Having owned restaurants makes me critically aware of the costs associated with food spoilage. Now, with just my wife and I, it is not unusual to need to buy a greater quantity than we actually need for a single meal. So storage becomes an important factor in buying decisions. The VEJIBAG will now allow me to buy a quantity of salad greens, herbs and other vegetables confident they will stay in pristine condition. I was literally amazed as I was eating salad greens stored for over a week in the VEJIBAG. They retained their crispness and color like the day purchased. A great product that will save you money. I own three now.”

-David Roth, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“On February 2nd, I filled three Vejibags with organic field greens, put them in the frig and…… totally fresh and crisp field greens on February 10 when I finished the last bag. Not even one piece of arugula was icky! I now have all five of the bags I bought filled with field greens, cucumber, red and yellow peppers, and broccoli. It is such a relief to know everything will stay fresh until I eat it all! Before I always felt so guilty for wasting food. It’s cheaper to buy larger quantities, but so sad to see it go bad within just a couple of days. No More Vegetable Guilt! Yay! Thank you so very much.”

-Liag Zeppetello, Buffalo, New York

“I just washed my first Vejibag, after ridding it of its load of organic romaine.  It had been in the fridge for several days past a week last night…The bag was still damp, the lettuce crisp, and, except for some brown spots along the spine (which I tore out), it made a lovely salad!”

“Here’s the latest: We left for CA. for a week. I had celery and 2 different kinds of lettuces in Vejibags. Although after 3 weeks the bags had dried out, the celery was still crisp as was the iceberg lettuce.  I imagine the romaine would have been good if the bag had stayed damp…..Is this a miracle or what? Celery may last 5 weeks as long as it’s damp.  Isn’t this great?”

-April Mullins, Nashville, TN and Eastport, ME