Salad: The Good Addiction




Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

-Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food

Make a week’s worth of salad at a time. It’s the good addiction.”

-Sally Erickson, Founder of Vejibag



Eat more raw vegetables. We all know we should.  And we’d like to. In my world there is nothing like a fresh crispy salad of mixed greens or romaine with some tangy or slightly sweet dressing.   Salad ranks second only to popcorn for the crunch, the satisfying chew, and the wonderful swallow.

Salad has become a daily habit. It’s a good addiction. Unlike other compulsions it makes me a better person.  With no downside. None.

How did I become a daily salad eater?  First, over time I noticed how I felt when I had fresh, raw, crunchy, green vegetables daily.   The effects are not as immediately dramatic as a stiff drink, and take time to  show up, maybe days or weeks or even months. However, I noticed very real and substantially helpful effects. And I’ve also  noticed when I don’t get my daily dose of fresh, raw green stuff I lose a bit of clarity, a bit of regularity, a bit of energy.

Fresh, raw, greens have essential nutrients that our bodies evolved to require.  Unlike Twinkies or doughnuts that are just shy of pure poison, raw greens have active components, such as enzymes, that help our bodies assimilate things like essential trace minerals. Processed food lacks all of those essential components that deep health depend on. No wonder the hospitals are full and the pharmaceautical businesses are thriving.

Preparing fresh, raw vegetables can seem time-consuming. How can busy people eat fresher and more affordably? It’s hard to face preparing those essential raw green vegetables when we are tired at the end of the day. I’ve gotten into the habit of preparing a week’s worth of salad ahead of time. We eat essentially the same salad every day:  mixed greens, a little chopped onion, slices of cucumber, toasted almonds, and yummy homemade dressing. I wash and store the greens ahead of time so they are ready to pull out and put right in the bowl. I make a big batch of homemade dressing once a week also. Our large, wonderful salad can be assembled in about 10 minutes, or even 5 if two of us are working on it. And if we are really tired we just grate a bunch of cheese on top, maybe throw on some cold leftover whatever from the night before and call it DINNER.  Sometimes we eat a huge salad and then later give ourselves the guilty pleasure of popcorn, in my case drenched in butter, to complete our evening fare.

It’s important to plan to care for yourself in advance of when you are tired. Don’t wait until you are exhausted and have no choices.

Go ahead and spend the money on good, fresh, clean food, mostly green, not too much.  You’ll be a clearer, more energetic, healthier and happier person if you take good care of yourself. And it’ll be cheaper in the long run than eating food that isn’t good for you and then having to pay the piper with medical and pharmaceutical treatments that often treat only symptoms.

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